This is a moderately priced, on-line, 360º assessment that enables business leaderswho are contemplating relocation to…

  • Clarify their own expectations and decision-making about global business relationships;
  • Obtain 360° feedback about the extent to which they demonstrate skills, behaviors, and qualities that promote adaptation to, and effectiveness with, diverse others
  • Learn ways to enhance effective skills and qualities, and to reduce ineffective behaviors;
  • Identify what else they need to learn about a global assignment in order to clarify their concerns.

SIRA (SURVEY ON INTERCULTURAL RELOCATION ADAPTABILITY) facilitates self-exploration, thoughtful decision-making, and focused preparation by the business leader, in consultation with someone such as a coach, counselor, trainer, or advisor. In this way, SIRA informs and enhances the ability of the leader to…

  • Decide wisely whether to accept an assignment requiring cross-cultural interactions and relocation
  • Prepare intelligently by developing appropriate personal skills, qualities, behaviors, and expectations.

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