Our Story

We Are Consulting Company With Intercultural Intelligence At Our Core.

With ICI at core, we take innovative approach  that delivers a more accurate analysis that results in integrated and more effective solution.

The founders of KnowledgeWorkx started the company because they consistently found themselves doing cultural advising while consulting on strategic planning. One could not be separated from the other. Thus KnowledgeWorkx was launched with a vision to create a new framework for understanding problems and creating solutions. One that is accurate, integrated and innovative. Since its inception, KnowledgeWorkx products have evolved and been tested in close to 70 countries on five continents, and proven to be globally effective.

Our purpose is to "Equip people and organization to thrive in an interculturally complex and global world" and this is what drives us.

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KnowledgeWorkx understands diversity and intercultural complexity, and we want to invite you to experience the difference Inter-Cultural Intelligence can make in your organization.

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