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Intercultural Communication and Social Identities: A Cross-Cultural Research Through Gender Dogmatism in Its Relation to Intercultural Communication Competence

 Author: Ozan Can Yılmaz  Category: Communication, Cross Cultural, Latest Books  Published: 14 Feb, 2018  Get it on Amazon

The effect of religious dogmatism is widely apparent in many aspects of social and cultural life and has a remarkable influence on shaping, deconstructing, and reforming the ways in which the intercultural communication takes place. The identity development and performance through socialization is manifested through communication processes, and the contrasting verbal and nonverbal interaction signs cause the cross-cultural dialogues to stumble. As the book suggests, the hierarchical substructures constituted through power and knowledge display bring about the emergence of the patriarchal orders which result in the institutionalized sexism and construction of dogmatic gender roles manifested in many aspects of communication. The book is concerned with the religious substructures fostering specific gender norms which individuals will adopt even though they are restrictive and discriminatory norms.

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