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Intercultural Communication for Global Engagement

 Author: Regina M Williams Davis, Andrea Patterson  Category: Communication, Latest Books  Published: 27 Jul, 2017  Get it on Amazon

Intercultural Communication for Global Engagement explores issues and concerns of communication, culture and globalization through incorporating different perspectives including critical, interpretative, psychological, and social. The dialectical approach incorporated in the text is used as a framework to examine the dynamic nature of intercultural communication. Released on the heels of riots between African American communities and their city police, this text highlights how deficiencies in intercultural understanding contribute to civil unrest.

The Second Edition is about understanding communication frameworks for making connections to different cultures and subcultures. Global engagement is used as a way of expressing culture beyond one’s own experiences. New to this edition is Chapter 9, Concerning Global Health. Readers of this edition will learn about the transformations of both scholars and students through the expressions of their global communication experiences, reflections, and actions.

Regina Williams Davis and Andrea Patterson-Masuka’s? Intercultural Communication for Global Engagement unique features include:

• Diverse student voices integrated throughout the text

• Incorporates a view of intercultural communication through the lens of culture and the media

• Examines popular culture with an emphasis on black popular culture

• Discussion of the impact of the intercultural communication

• Integrates a global engagement approach with thought provoking questions and activities

designed to help instructors facilitate intercultural activities immediately with their students.

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