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Leadership . . . in Crisis
 Author: Michael G Bassous, Gene Habecker  Category: Latest Books, Leadership  Published: 12 Jul, 2022 Get it on Amazon

This book focuses on leading through times of crisis as a true measure of authentic and credible leadership, which is often tested during turbulent, inconsistent, and unpredictable times rather than through stable and steady phases. The emphasis is on those leaders that learned valuable lessons from various crisis experiences and adapted accordingly. Rather than be swayed by external circumstances, it is time to lead, to become the rudder–offering direction and opportunity–rather than the sails–being wavered by the winds. The most appropriate question that leaders should ask upon the onset of a crisis is not “”When will all this end?”” but rather “”How will all this end?”” The “”how”” entails an opportunity to make something positive out of a seemingly negative situation. This book offers a window of hope through which to look at an incoming crisis with eyes of faith, as a learning experience and opportunity to thrive. It builds on four pillars required to lead during crises–resilience, stamina, agility, and confrontation–and offers a leadership model based on Jesus Christ’s crisis-handling methods, which are essential for any leader seeking to succeed in a multi-crisis era.