Cultural Learner Cultural Critique

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1. How do you behave when you encounter someone new to your culture?

2. How do you view your culture in relation to other cultures?

3. When you talk about other cultures do you tend to:

4. When you see a foreigner in your town behaving in a way that isn’t aligned to your culture do you:

5. (Assuming no food allergies/diet) When traveling do you try to eat foods that are:

6. When visiting someone from another culture, do you:

7. How many people do you socialize with whose cultural backgrounds are different from your own?

8. When exposed to other cultures are you naturally:

9. When you choose to travel abroad for leisure, Is it important to you that it has a different culture for you to explore?

10. How often do you read books or watch films or documentaries from a diversity of cultures and perspectives?

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