Inter-Cultural Intelligence

About the author

I want to be a compass maker.
I encourage, I equip and I release people to go off to places they wouldn’t have gone on their own
Marco Blankenburgh

Marco Blankenburgh is the Executive Director of KnowledgeWorkx, serving clients in the Gulf-Region, Southern Africa, Europe and Asia. KnowledgeWorkx has offices in the UAE and South Africa. Marco has held management positions in international business development, marketing and partnerships in the Netherlands, South Africa, Jordan, Egypt and the UAE. He has received International Masters degrees in Economics and Strategic Marketing Management in the Netherlands.

Marco is a true intercultural Expert dealing with a wide variety of people from all over the world. He is well travelled and moves in and out of context daily but at the same time lives in an intercultural Environment in the United Arab Emirates.

KnowledgeWorkx has been shaped by who he is as an individual and the KnowledgeWorkx products by his personal life journey. The Three Colors of Worldview© and the 12 Dimensions of Culture have seen an incredible response. As non-nationality, non-ethnicity specific tools they have proven to be globally applicable, allowing KnowledgeWorkx and its team to create a global footprint through these methodologies and tools.