April 18, 2021

KnowledgeWorkx Equips ICI Practitioners to Integrate Cultural Agility

Intercultural Intelligence Practitioners from around the world came together to learn and grow together for KnowledgeWorkx’ 11th Deep Dive for ICI Practitioners. This dive focused on equipping our practitioners with tools to integrate cultural agility in internal and external client relationships.

The session began with Marco Blankenburgh, International Director of KnowledgeWorkx sharing, “I used to think that I was the hero in my customer’s story swooping in to save them from their problems, but now I realize that is wrong. The customer is the hero, and I am a guide coming alongside them to give them a plan to succeed.”

The practitioners were put into breakout groups to discuss how they could make their customers the heroes of their own stories and designed plans to lead to their customer’s heroic success. It was beautiful to see the massively diverse spread of clients that are being served by our ICI practitioners. As they discussed their customer journeys, they shared how they were beginning to see the different points where cultural agility could make the journey smoother. Although this was the product being used in some of the journeys, there were several others in which cultural agility could be used to better understand clients or to give the group a common vocabulary to discuss challenges.

For example, one practitioner that works with leadership teams found ways to make their customers the hero in their own story by equipping them with the ICI framework to work with and embrace diverse cultures on their team.

Another practitioner that works extensively with governments and NGOs found that they could introduce ICI to make their customers the ones,

“Who have introduced the magic sauce – to unravel the complexities of dealing with multicultural stakeholders, while preserving their own group’s honor.”

The feedback we received from our ICI Practitioners at the Deep Dive webinar #11 was very encouraging and we look forward to growing and discovering more together in our next Deep Dive #12.

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