May 13, 2021

Cultivating Resilience by Partnering with The Global Leadership Summit

On Wednesday May 12, 2021, The Global Leadership Summit and KnowledgeWorkx kicked off a 6-week journey with 25 people focused on Developing Resilience. The journey starts with the research of Marcus Buckingham and his GLS talk about resilience. From there, participants will explore how to develop resilience in a global and intercultural world, as leaders & followers, on teams, and in organizations.

After the overwhelming response to Marco Blankenburgh unpacking Marcus Buckingham’s resilience talk at GLS 2020 in Dubai, KnowledgeWorkx and GLS began looking for a way to offer a deeper exploration into this important topic. Together they collaborated to create GLS’s first ever fully virtual learning journey spread out over 6 weeks allowing deep discussion and transformative growth for its participants. The journey will follow Robert Brinkerhoff’s methodology for High Performing Learning Journeys. It will be facilitated by Marco Blankenburgh and moderated by Ara Azizbekyan.

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