July 5, 2021

Introducing Certification Badges for Practitioners to Showcase their accomplishments


Inter-Cultural Intelligence is not a fixed destination, it is a journey. At KnowledgeWorkx we want to celebrate our participants’ accomplishments on completion of each stage of that journey. So, we have introduced a system of badges: This was announced in a recent webinar with Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) practitioners from around the world. These badges for different stages of the journey, allow practitioners to easily showcase their Inter-Cultural Intelligence experience and credentials.

Badges have become a popular way of showcasing credibility and the skills of the recipients. So, we wanted to make sure that our facilitators, consultants, and coaches have the badges they have earned to show the world their Inter-Cultural Intelligence training and expertise. The badges are designed to be used across many channels (LinkedIn, email signatures, facilitator/coach profiles, personal websites etc.).

Curious about which badge you want to get, or already have?

Here is a full list of our Badges:

Through our partnership with North Point Academy, we have also launched the Certificate in Intercultural Coaching (CIC) which is an ICF Accredited Advanced Coach Development program. Two of our badges are dedicated to coaches who have specialized in Intercultural Coaching.

Find out how to join the ICI Certification Journey here!

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