February 4, 2022

Third Culture Kids with Inter-Cultural Intelligence as their Superpower — Bonus Episode


Unlocking Cultural Agility with Marco Blankenburgh presents a Bonus Episode: Third Culture Kids with Inter-Cultural Intelligence as their Superpower
Listen to stories of three Third Culture Kids (TCKs) growing up outside their home country, with all the challenges and amazing opportunities that come with it.
Ahmed: Born and raised in Dubai, Ahmed’s home country is Tanzania. He is currently studying at the University of Toronto.
Maggie: Born in Maryland, USA, Maggie moved to Dubai as a young teen. She studied Human Services at York College in Pennsylvania, and currently is living and working in Delaware, USA.
Helen: Born and raised in the UAE with a Dutch dad and a South African mom, she is currently in her first year at the University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands.

Unpacking their experiences alongside them is Shelley Reinhart, Director of KnowledgeWorkx Education, who loves weaving cultural agility and education together to help teachers connect with their students. Listen as these young Inter-Cultural Intelligence Certified Practitioners share their deep insight on cultural agility. Are you TCK? Apply for a scholarship to develop your own cultural agility here: http://kwx.fyi/ici-scholarship In this bonus episode on Third Culture Kids you will hear:
  • Stories of three distinct TCKs using Cultural Agility to enter diverse careers
  • Ways in which culture uniquely affects both teachers and students
  • Tools for understanding others regardless of ethnicity and nationality
More about Third Culture Kids on our KnowledgeWorkx Education website: www.knowledgeworkx.education
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