June 01, 2022

Building Bridges Across Racial Divides with Ming-Jinn Tong and Andy Gray


Join Ming-Jinn Tong, Andy Gray, and Marco as they unpack how cultural agility is building exciting new bridges in racial equity and diversity and inclusion work in Minneapolis.
Ming-Jinn Tong is a Certified Intercultural Intelligence Practitioner and owner of Cultivate, a specialty consulting firm helping companies connect better across cultures. As an amateur chef, Ming-Jinn likes to equate culture with a good meal. He loves everything about culture. The flavors, the textures, the colors, the sights, the smells. He sees culture everywhere and is eager to engage with it. Find out more about his work at meetcultivate.com

Andy Gray is the Executive Director of Catalyst for Harmony. Teaming empathy, truth, understanding, candor, and compassion together, his disarming approach to navigating difficult matters has served as a catalyst to build bridges of hope and oneness.

In this episode you will learn:
  • What culture has to do with racial equity and DEI work;
  • How to build safe communities where challenging racial and cultural topics are discussed;
  • How to use cultural agility to build bridges in diversity, equity, and inclusion;
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