September 15, 2022

Ming-Jinn Tong Joins the KnowledgeWorkx Team

We are all thrilled to announce that Ming-Jinn Tong is joining KnowledgeWorkx as a Global Partner.

Ming-Jinn is a seasoned communicator with a deep love for walking with intercultural organizations as they discover their full, robust potential. Believing that each individual will flourish as they are more deeply understood & increasingly skilled at making healthy connections, Ming-Jinn aims to draw out the very best in those around him.

He brings varied expertise as a:

+ Certified Professional Coach and Certified Intercultural Coach

Working with you individually or as a team to help you learn how to navigate your real-life scenarios with a greater sense of understanding and confidence.

+ Certified Practitioner of Inter-Cultural Intelligence, Knowledgeworkx, Dubai, UAE

Helping you build deeper connections across cultures and increase your cultural agility.

+ Qualified Administrator, Intercultural Development Inventory®

Helping you grow in their journey toward intercultural connection


Ming-Jinn and his family live in Minneapolis, MN, where he founded Cultivate & Hot Wok Academy. He loves to connect across cultures. He understands what it’s like to work in a fast-paced environment, but still takes the time to care about each individual in the room.

Welcome aboard, Ming-Jinn!

Listen to this podcast episode where Ming-Jinn discusses the challenges of racial equity in the United States.

If you would like to work with Ming-Jinn, you can contact him here.


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