Feb 19, 2024

Flint Culture and KnowledgeWorkx Enter Partnership to Empower Organizations with Intercultural Agility


KnowledgeWorkx and Flint Culture are entering a new partnership to empower organizations with cross-cultural intelligence.

Dubai, UAE – At the crossroads between Asia, Africa, and Europe, the GCC region boasts a multicultural population – and international teams are a staple feature of workplaces. Yet, while this diversity brings a wealth of perspective, knowledge, and insights, navigating cultural differences can prove to be a challenge. And it comes at a high cost for organizations: according to a 2022 Financier Worldwide article, up to 80% of post-merger integrations fail due to an inability or unwillingness to address cultural differences.

To bridge this gap, Flint Culture, an award-winning communications consultancy specialized in the arts and culture fields, is partnering with KnowledgeWorkx, a leading authority in intercultural intelligence and agility, to empower leaders and organizations with the tools and knowledge to harness the potential of cultural diversity to unleash performance.

Commenting on the partnership, Wol Balston, Co-Founder of Flint Culture, said: “In a region as culturally diverse as the Middle East, where so many nationalities live and work together, we believe that intercultural intelligence is key to driving growth and innovation. Leveraging our combined experience, our partnership will help organizations develop a deep understanding of the cultural nuances that shape business interactions and collaborations in the region.”

Bringing together Flint Culture’s strategic communications expertise and KnowledgeWorkx’s deep insights into intercultural dynamics, the partnership is poised to deliver comprehensive, culturally informed solutions that will be delivered as a blend of consultancy, coaching, development programs, assessments, and experiential learning.

Elizabeth Sen, MENA Managing Director of Flint Culture, adds: “Our longstanding relationship with KnowledgeWorkx has been built on mutual respect and shared values. With their profound understanding of intercultural intelligence and the invaluable tools and expertise they have developed over the years, KnowledgeWorkx complements our core service offerings. We are extremely pleased to embark on this collaborative journey, which promises to bring about transformative change in the way organizations approach intercultural interactions.”

Marco Blankenburgh, Founder and International Director of KnowledgeWorkx, highlighted the shared purpose of both organizations: “We have a deep admiration for the work that Flint Culture has done in the region. Their transparent approach and genuine desire to create impact at scale on their culture-driven mission is truly commendable and perfectly aligns with our core values and vision. We are confident that this partnership will help spotlight the importance of intercultural intelligence as a tool to achieve business goals in a multicultural marketplace.”

To find out more and schedule an exploratory discussion about your organization, email academy@flint-culture.com or info@knowledgeworkx.com

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