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A Client-Vendor Relationship Perspective of Cultural Differences on Cross-Border

 Author: John K. Bosire Ph.D.  Category: Management, Technical  Published: 16 Aug, 2018  Get it on Amazon

This book is a must-have Information Technology (IT) outsourcing contractual management resource that provides insight into the relationships between companies who find a need to outsource their information management to vendors, specifically to third-party vendors in other countries across the globe. This book explores the relationships and provides suggestions that can improve those relationships for a better contractual satisfaction level, as well as improved output from the vendors servicing those companies.
Cross-border information technology (IT) outsourcing continues to rise due to the demand for business process outsourcing. Issues such as miscommunication and management problems have emerged because of cross-cultural disparities between clients and vendors across national borders. These cross-border client-vendor relationships could be issues for communications that affect contract deliverables, time-tables for delivery of services, and relationships between the client and the vendor or the client and their direct customers.
This study examined the complex organizational practices to qualitatively identify and quantitatively determine effective management approaches in managing cross-cultural differences and elements of global adjustment, motivation, mindset, and communication patterns involving outsourcing business leaders in the United States. The quantitative results of this research study showed that formal management approaches positively correlated with global adjustment, motivation, mindset, and communication patterns, which could be socially significant to IT business leaders.
Using the results, conclusions, and suggestions from this study, management in charge of cross-border information technology sourcing can use these effective practices and management approaches to address cultural diversity issues, programs, and policies in the industry within the client-vendor for more positive relationships and the increase resulting in profitability or reduced overhead for outsourced IT services.

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