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Appreciative Merger and Acquisition Team Coaching Programme: Transforming the Soul of a Cross-cultural Organisation through Mental Health Facilitation
 Author: Retha G Visagie  Category: Coaching & Facilitating  Published: 16 Sep, 2010 Get it on Amazon

This book aims to provide a detailed, step-by-step programme to enable smooth cross-cultural integration in the hospitality industry, simultaneously offering a way to improve the lives and mental health of managers engaged in merger and acquisitions. It draws from years of research and practical experience in the field of positive organisational change to provide an integrative appreciative merger and acquisition team coaching programme. The integrative approach opposes inherent power-driven organisational change processes that presuppose that something is broken in the organisational context. This work has been commended for providing a methodological hybrid, ?rich in methods and techniques that collectively open-up possibilities for positive change?. A well-planned and executed research design maximises the credibility of the tools and techniques provided. The book is written for diverse audiences ? academic colleagues, business coaches and all those with a vested interest in mergers and acquisitions.