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Being at Home in the World: Cross-Cultural Leadership Lessons to Guide Your Journey

 Author: Laetitia Mizero Hellerud  Category: Decision Making, Leadership  Published: 07 Aug, 2017  Get it on Amazon

We all make decisions about the direction our lives will take based on our circumstances and embrace the leadership demands our lives place on us. We all share a vision of leading a life in safety and creating a better life for those we love. The “refugee stories” you may hear on social media or on broadcast channels are typical stories, often leaving out the heartbreaking, unique stories of the atrocities these people have actually faced. And yet refugees are not so different from those of us who haven’t been forced to leave our native homes.
As a four-time refugee, change and adaptation has become a way of life for Laetitia Mizero Hellerud. Having to adapt to this way of thinking since childhood, she learned to rely on her own decisions and, at the same time, accept the love and help of others to survive. In Being at Home in the World, Laetitia shares what she has learned about adaptation—about finding your home—in the midst of chaos and struggle. It starts with an open mind and an open heart.
Every day, you have an opportunity to lead and to be who you want to be—and to choose the life you want to live, no matter what your circumstances are. Leadership is not just for those in the public eye. Before you can make good decisions, you need to know what’s important to you. You must experience the outcomes resulting from your decisions before you can understand that you control your own happiness.

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