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Building Cultural Intelligence (CQ): 9 Megaskills
 Author: Richard D. Bucher, Patricia L. Bucher  Category: Communication & Branding, Diversity & Inclusion  Published: 19 Jul, 2007 Get it on Amazon

This engaging, interactive book on cultural diversity is suited for general courses across the disciplines (i.e. cultural diversity, human relations, freshman seminar/orientation, communications, sociology, business, health and human services, theology, education, management) as well as more specific ones (hospitality management, racial and ethnic relations, customer service, culturally competent health care, managing diversity, teaching diverse populations, multicultural counseling, muticultural psychology, transcultural nursing, family therapy, human relations/law enforcement).

The text treats cultural intelligence as a rich and dynamic skill set we can develop, and manage ourselves through self-directed learning.  Readers will develop nine megaskills; skills they can take with them and use at work, at home, abroad, or in any setting where cross-cultural awareness, understanding, and interaction is required.  These nine megaskills include:  1)understanding my cultural identity; 2)checking cultural lenses; 3)global consciousness; 4)shifting perspectives; 5)intercultural communication; 6)managing cross-cultural conflict; 7)multicultural teaming; 8)managing bias; 9)understanding the dynamics of power.