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Cases in Cross-Cultural Management

 Author: Charles Rarick  Category: Management  Published: 13 Jan, 2016  Get it on Amazon

Understanding cultural differences and knowing how to work effectively with people from cultures different from one’s own is an important management skill. The following cases address important cross-cultural managerial issues such as communication, negotiation, motivation, team building, leadership, strategic alliances, managing expatriates, and more. The cases cover a number of different national cultures and offer interesting problems to be solved. The cases provide a more experiential approach to the study of culture and help promote critical thinking skills. While the general role of understanding culture is woven throughout all the cases, each case addresses cultural issues unique to a particular country. Cultural issues of Mexico, France, Great Britain, Thailand, Argentina, Japan, the Middle East, Vietnam, China, India, and Russia are explored in detail. Note: The casebook is written for instructional/training use and thus does not provide case solutions.

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