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Cross-Cultural Management in Work Organisations

 Author: Raymond French  Category: Management  Published: 24 Feb, 2015  Get it on Amazon

Formerly rooted firmly in the domain of anthropology, the topic of culture has shifted over the last thirty-five years to become an important component of business and management as organisations have become global. As companies outsource some of their work to other countries, or as employees migrate to new locations, culture can impact upon things such as attitudes to authority, differences in communication styles and ethics, which will affect working relationships. Cross-Cultural Management in Work Organisations explores the models and meanings of culture and how these play out in the work environment.

The essential introduction to cross-cultural social relations in the workplace, Cross-Cultural Management in Work Organisations provides an evaluation of existing frameworks for understanding cross-cultural differences, examines the inter-cultural competencies such as cultural awareness needed by managers and evaluates how both cultural and non-cultural factors influence social processes at work. This fully updated 3rd edition includes new examples to provide topical and engaging insight into the subject. It is suitable for all postgraduate students studying cross-cultural management or cross-cultural awareness. Online supporting resources include an instructor’s manual, lecture slides and seminar activities for tutors and web links and self-assessment exercises for students.

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