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Cultural Psychology: Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Perspectives

 Author: Christine Ma-Kellams  Category: Psychology  Published: 07 Sep, 2018  Get it on Amazon

Culture comes in many forms. Cultural Psychology: Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Perspectives combines hard science with everyday issues to explore how the intangible forces of our cultural milieu—including the power of race, religion, class, and gender—powerfully changes the way we want, think, and do the things that we do. It covers both cross-cultural differences and multicultural issues, incorporating both approaches to tackle modern issues of diversity and living in a diverse world.

Combines both cross-cultural and multicultural approaches in a single comprehensive text.
Includes chapters on the newest, most ground-breaking issues facing the study of culture:
Unpacks the origins of where culture comes from
Discusses the history of culture and modern-day laboratory studies
Explains how culture shapes the brain (and how the brain changes culture)
Describes cultural change in the era of globalization

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