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Culture Clash 2: Managing the Global High-Performance Team

 Author: Thomas D. Zweifel  Category: Management, Teams  Published: 16 Jul, 2013  Get it on Amazon

Flying blind with customers, colleagues, collaborators or competitors? Frustrated by misunderstandings or conflicts with other organizational silos or cultures?

Learn the #1 skill: how to step into anyone’s shoes, decode their mindset, and get the job done with anyone, anywhere.
Sweden’s Electrolux wondered why its vacuum cleaners did not sell in the United States. When someone realized its slogan “Nothing sucks like Electrolux!” had a totally unintended meaning in America, it was too late…

Few of us are prepared to manage across cultures,and blind-spots can be costly–from lost opportunities to lawsuits.

Culture Clash not only reminds us of our blindness, but also offers a cure.”
Scott A. Snook, Professor, Harvard Business School
Forged in the fire of clashing cultures and living on four continents, Dr. Zweifel, the CEO, Columbia professor and award-winningauthor, unpacks the toolbox he developed over threedecades of helping managers in 100+ countries lead effectively–a fool-proof system for success across organizationaland cultural boundaries.

Culture Clash 2 is not another Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands. Suchprotocol-laden books on whether to bring wine to a dinner in Singapore miss themark: Non-compliance with local etiquette is not the deal-breaker.
What has derailed deals is ourinability to read between the lines, decode the mindset of the other side, and see the world from other perspectives.

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