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Ethical Intelligence: The Foundation of Leadership: How to Get It Right in Your Life and in Any Organization
 Author: Dr. John Opincar  Category: Character, Virtue & Habits, Leadership  Published: 14 Nov, 2016 Get it on Amazon

What goes on in the hearts and minds of men and women as they commit unethical acts that harm others? That’s what John wanted to know when he began the journey to this book.

Here are just a few of his discoveries:

Everything we “know” about ethical decision-making is wrong.
The Holocaust reaches from the past and touches today’s ethical judging.
Greed isn’t the root of unethical behavior – fear is.
There is a timeless solution to unethical conduct – our ethical intelligence.
Ethical intelligence is measurable and modifiable.
We can predict and prevent unethical behavior.
You cannot lead without being ethically intelligent!
Ethical Intelligence Is Your Birthright! In this book, John teaches you how to unlock the vault and reclaim it, and begin your journey to an ethically intelligent life.