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Experiences of Immigrant Professors: Challenges, Cross-Cultural Differences, and Lessons for Success
 Author: Charles B. Hutchison  Category: Education, School & Teaching, Transition  Published: 21 Oct, 2015 Get it on Amazon

Educational institutions all over the world continue to attract the services of foreign-born scholars. In addition to the culture shock that immigrants experience in unfamiliar countries, these scholars often undergo “pedagogical shock.” Through autobiographical accounts of foreign-born professors from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the US, this volume examines the experiences of foreign-born professors around the world to provide insight on the curricular, school-systemic, and sociological differences and challenges that are encountered, and how to help resolve them. It will help administrators, institutions, and immigration and comparative education scholars understand the cross-cultural challenges and coping strategies that define the private and professional lives of foreign-born professors across the globe.