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Facilitating Intergroup Dialogues: Bridging Differences, Catalyzing Change

 Author: Kelly E. Maxwell et al.  Category: Coaching & Facilitating, Diversity & Inclusion  Published: 08 Feb, 2011  Get it on Amazon

“This is an invaluable resource for college administrators and faculty. As today’s elected leaders and media shout past one another, our next generation needs to learn how to talk and work together across our political and social differences to address critical global concerns. This scholarly book provides the research and necessary practical, hands-on experience of how to facilitate constructive intergroup dialogues with students from different backgrounds.”―David Schoem, Director, Michigan Community Scholars Program, University of Michigan

“This volume is a panoramic yet intimate examination of the value of intergroup dialogues and the training of the facilitators in many settings. It incorporates the best research and theory with anecdotal and eloquent accounts from participants, both faculty members and students. From survey research and personal experience, the authors explore the habits of mind and interpersonal skills needed to facilitate intergroup dialogue successfully in the cause of both education and justice. A must-read.”―Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Syracuse University

This volume, the first dedicated entirely to intergroup dialogue facilitation, draws on the experiences of contributors and on emerging research to address the multi-dimensional role of facilitators and co-facilitators, the training and support of facilitators, and ways of improving practice in both educational and community settings. It constitutes a comprehensive guide for practitioners, covering the theoretical, conceptual, and practical knowledge they need.

Presenting the work and insights of scholars, practitioners and scholar-practitioners who train facilitators for intergroup dialogues, this book bridges the theoretical and conceptual foundations of intergroup relations and social justice education with training models for intergroup dialogue facilitation.

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