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Handbook of Multicultural Competencies in Counseling and Psychology
 Author: Donald B. Pope-Davis et al.  Category: Psychology & Counselling  Published: 23 Jul, 2003 Get it on Amazon

ultural differences affect the way people think, feel, and act. In an increasingly diverse society, multicultural competency in research and counseling is not merely a matter of political correctness. It is a matter of scientific and professional responsibility.

Handbook of Multicultural Competencies in Counseling and Psychology is the first book to offer the theoretical background, practical knowledge, and training strategies needed to achieve multicultural competence. Focusing on a wide range of professional settings, editors Donald B. Pope-Davis, Hardin L.K. Coleman, William Ming Liu, and Rebecca L. Toporek provide a compendium of the latest research related to multicultural competency and the hands-on framework to develop specialized multicultural practices.

Promoting an appreciation of cultural differences, this innovative text includes