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Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing High Performance Learning Journeys

 Author: Robert O. Brinkerhoff et al.  Category: Communication & Branding, Our Reading List  Published: 30 Apr, 2019  Get it on Amazon

There is a revolution underway in employee workforce development, trending away from face-to-face to digital learning and away from event-based multiday workshops to technology-supported “learning journeys.” This shift is tremendously promising, and it is reshaping the future of learning and development (L&D). However, it represents a considerable challenge and is fraught with risk. Improving Performance Through Learning will help you navigate this revolution but stay true to the mission of impactful workplace learning. Building on Brinkerhoff and Apking’s breakthrough work on High Impact Learning, this book presents the High Performance Learning Journey (HPLJ) approach to driving performance improvement through learning. You will find practical guidance for designing robust learning journeys that overcome the perennial barriers to training transfer and deliver consistent, sustained behavioral change and business impact. More than five years in the making, the HPLJ learning design and delivery process is founded on decades of solid learning and performance research and has been implemented in dozens of organizations worldwide. Additionally, several hundred early adopters have received HPLJ certification training, and their experiences and insights have helped the authors provide clear and compelling illustrations to guide readers. The book includes – in one chapter each – authentic case examples of HPLJ at work in five international organizations across a representative range of industries and learning and development content.

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