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International and Cross-Cultural Business Research

 Author: Jean-Claude Usunier  Category: Management  Published: 10 Apr, 2017  Get it on Amazon

Successfully combining cross-cultural management and business research methods, this team of international authors provide much-needed coverage of the implications that should be considered when undertaking research across different cultures.

Through the implementation of methodological pluralism, the book investigates the various cultural influences that affect business theories and practices across the world, particularly the specific management styles, behavioural standards and consumer attitudes that exist in developing nations.

Examples and theoretical understanding as well as vignettes, diagrams and figures are used to illustrate these key considerations, including:

  • Language and the role of the dominant culture
  • Design and implementation
  • Methodological issues
  • Strategies for improving its relevance within international business.

Ideal for students, researchers and practitioners looking to do business research in an international or cross-cultural context.

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