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International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling: Cultural Assumptions and Practices Worldwide

 Author: Lawrence H. Gerstein  Category: Psychology & Counselling  Published: 24 Jul, 2009  Get it on Amazon

International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling: Cultural Assumptions and Practices Worldwide has been selected as the recipient of the 2010 Ursula Gielen Global Psychology Book Award as the book that makes the most significant and fundamental contribution to psychology as a global discipline.

“I highly recommend the Handbook for courses in international and cross-cultural psychology, courses on multicultural issues in counseling and psychology, and as a text for professional issues courses in counseling and psychology. The Handbook is an excellent resource for counselors, psychologists and other mental health professionals working internationally or at home.”
―John L. Romano, APA Society of Counseling Psychology Division 17 International Section Newsletter

The only book to capture the rich diversity of the profession of counseling around the world, this volume provides a strong theoretical, research, and practical focus, with contributions from more than 80 world-renowned scholars. The first section of the Handbook includes chapters on multicultural and cross-cultural psychology in relation to the profession of counseling in a global context―its current status, methodological issues when studying culture, opportunities and challenges in collaboration across borders, and indigenous models of counseling.

The heart of the Handbook includes chapters that describe the present state of the field in the following countries:

• Europe: France, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, former USSR
• The Middle East: Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates
• The Americas and the Caribbean: Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela
• South and West Africa: Nigeria, South Africa
• Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan
• South Asia: India, Pakistan
• Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Singapore
• East Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan
• Oceania: Australia

Topics covered in the various country chapters include the history of counseling, cultural and religious values that have shaped attitudes toward counseling, types of clients and presenting problems, indigenous models of counseling, professional issues and challenges, research findings, the influence of U.S. models, and implications for the future.

This Handbook is a must-have resource for mental health professionals. It is also a critical resource for any academic library, as it will be an invaluable reference for faculty and students alike.

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