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The Cross-Cultural Communication Trainer’s Manual: Volume Two: Activities for Cross-Cultural Training

 Author: John Cutler  Category: Coaching & Facilitating, Communication & Branding  Published: 13 Jun, 2018  Get it on Amazon

The global market means that many organizations now have offices, affiliates, suppliers, call centres, clients and customers in a wide range of countries and cultures. Employees at a variety of levels are expected to have as good skills in cross-cultural working as in any other key competency. The Cross-Cultural Communication Trainer’s Manual provides a complete toolkit for the trainer/facilitator needing to design and deliver cross- or inter-cultural training, for both mono- and multicultural audiences. Volume One: Designing Cross-Cultural Training The first volume in this two-volume set opens with an outline of useful information on cross-cultural training content, design and delivery. This is followed by a series of readings that flesh out many of the concepts important for trainers and learners alike and provide important facts, theory and practical background on an area in question. They can be used as a basis for facilitator presentations or given to learners as reading exercises. The manual concludes with (1) a series of action planning activities to help consolidate what learners have experienced and (2) evaluation forms for assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of any cross-cultural training events. The Appendix offers outline designs for seven half-day, one-day and two-day workshops using activities from Volume Two: Activities for Cross-Cultural Training along with a detailed bibliography. Volume Two: Activities for Cross-Cultural Training With 80 activities (covering skills such as understanding culture and differences, stereotypes, cultural self-awareness, cultural influences, barriers to communication) this varied and imaginative collection is a must-have resource for anyone involved in cross- or inter-cultural training. The collection concludes with a detailed bibliography of further reading and references.

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