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The Human Equity Advantage: Beyond Diversity to Talent Optimization
 Author: Trevor Wilson  Category: Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership  Published: 04 Jun, 2013 Get it on Amazon

A fresh approach to the old problem of “diversity fatigue”

Trevor Wilson, global diversity strategist and visionary leader, presents a fresh, new management model that goes beyond the traditional diversity debate towards inclusion and building human capital. Featuring case studies and practical diagnostic tools and assessments, this book will benefit anyone who is interested in improving their business by building on the unique talents of employees’ innate strengths, unique abilities, personality, attitude, life experience and virtues. The agent of this change, the driver of the process, is the equitable leader.

This important book outlines 8 core competencies that will guide leaders to create equitable and inclusive work environments where employees are valued because of, not in spite of, their differences and each person can be recognized and developed to strive for their highest potential.

  • Includes a new paradigm for diversity initiatives and finds new solutions
  • Reveals the core competencies that help leaders create an equitable and inclusive workplace
  • Shows how companies can improve hiring and retention, reduce turnover, increase productivity, improve teamwork, and ultimately increase the bottom line

The Human Equity Advantage gives you the tools to tap into the unique talents and strengths of each employee.