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Understanding Arabs, 6th Edition: A Contemporary Guide to Arab Society
 Author: Margaret K. Nydell  Category: Inter-Cultural, Our Reading List  Published: 08 May, 2018 Get it on Amazon

For nearly three decades, diplomats, students, business people and governments have relied on Dr. Margaret Nydell’s seminal work as the essential guide to comprehending an immensely varied culture. Covering all aspects of Arab life, from religion and society to social norms and communication styles, this all-encompassing guide reveals what the often misunderstood Arab culture is really like.

Each chapter, including the examples, all statistics and charts, and each country overview has been extensively updated to reflect current events. This candid and readable guide for non-specialists promotes understanding between modern-day Arabs and Westerners without pushing a political agenda. It beautifully captures the contrasts and characteristics of a great, largely misunderstood civilization and brings them vividly to life.

This highly anticipated sixth edition features completely new material in the following sections:

  • Introduction: “Patterns of Change,”
  • Chapter 5, “Men and Women” – changes in women’s rights
  • Chapter 11, “Islamic Fundamentalism,” and the inclusion of ISIS
  • Chapter 12, “Anti-Americanism,” including implications for Europe
  • Chapter 13, “Arabs and Muslims in the West”
  • Chapters 14, 15, and 16, “Arab Countries”