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Understanding Cultural Diversity in Today’s Complex World
 Author: Dr. Leo Parvis  Category: Diversity & Inclusion  Published: 01 Jan, 2005 Get it on Amazon

No one in this country is untouched by the impact of diversity. Yet, as diverse

as diversity is, are too the many different emotions and attitudes evoked by

diversity. As a nation, we are not well equipped to deal with the swirling

transitions that are converging on us on a daily basis because of the nature of

being the most diverse country in the world.

This text (in its 5th edition & updated July 2021) will well serve the purpose

for many who decide to learn and teach the fundamentals of cultural diversity

and racism. It will be beneficial for college students, high school juniors and

seniors, and organizations whose ever-changing workforce leads to the necessity

of educating employees on how to deal with the diversity of employees and

customers in a positive manner. Although the original intent for the book was to

serve as a text for students and employees, this book has also been purchased by

individuals who just want to learn more about diversity for themselves.