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Understanding Intercultural Communication
 Author: Stella Ting-Toomey, Leeva Chung  Category: Communication & Branding  Published: 15 Jul, 2021 Get it on Amazon

Understanding Intercultural Communication, 3rd Edition (UIC3) emphasizes a perspective that integrates intersectional identity complexity with a strong values orientation in shaping intercultural contact. We address contemporary issues such as the important roles and effects of technology in
our everyday intercultural lives. This is an introductory book designed for undergraduate students, teachers, and practitioners searching for a user-friendly textbook on the fundamentals of intercultural communication. With the lens of flexible intercultural communication, we thread through an
abundance of intercultural material with a very practical theme. By integrating current empirical research with lively intercultural examples, the authors ask thought-provoking questions and pose ethical dilemmas for students to ponder.