Online Intercultural Tools

We have created this list to help companies and professionals understand their options in using intercultural tools and assessments available in the market. We believe the industry needs such a resource, so we decided to put it together ourselves. We researched extensively online and put together descriptions of each online intercultural tools and assessments, including a brief description and source links.

Please note that this resource is only meant to inform of what’s available and KnowledgeWorkx in no way advocates for the effectiveness of the tools. We hope this will help you and your company find the right solution for your needs. We have tried to make the resource as comprehensive as possible.

If you are aware of any other tools and resources available, we would love to hear from you.

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The TAP measures individual’s motivations, expectations and 12 other competencies required for successful
The GAI facilitates employee development by self-assessing cross-cultural effectiveness, and can help to
The GlobeSmart Leadership Assessment (GLA) is a 360 multi-rater assessment for individuals in
This tool was developed specifically to evaluate the skills critical to interacting effectively
An online assessment that offers to determine teams’ effectiveness and gather feedback to
18 item questionnaire in many languages that includes a interpretive guide. Divides conflict
The GTPQ measures human process interactions and enables team leaders and other decision
Assesses employees and ranks them in five categories: Cultural Empathy, Open-Mindedness, Social Initiative,
This assessment measures and categorizes the employees according to 4 profiles: Sensor Engager