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Assessing Cultural Exposure: An Improved Framework for the Assessment of Cross-Cultural Exposure Levels in Individuals

 Author: Todd M. Lowdermilk  Category: Cultural Intelligence, Diversity & Inclusion  Published: 27 Jan, 2012  Get it on Amazon

This study focuses on the many dimensions of cultural intelligence (CQ); during the study, a detailed framework of CQ Dimensions was constructed that later was used to create a Cultural Exposure Assessment. In today’s increasingly global business environment, CQ is important as it has been proven that employees with higher levels of CQ perform better in cross-cultural business relationships. For businesses, using such employees strengthens cross-cultural relationships, builds trust, increases communication effectiveness, and can have a direct and positive impact on the overall success of such endeavors. The research is based on the work of Kerri A. Crown in her study entitled “What Leads to Cultural Intelligence” published by Harvard Business School Publishing. The results of her research revealed that an individual’s number and types of foreign travel experiences have a direct correlation with their overall cultural intelligence. She also determined that the quality and the depth of such experiences were also a contributor but their measure warranted further research. This paper will discuss CQ and its many facets along with the methodology and tools developed to arrive at the study’s results. The appendix will also include several helpful documents along with the developed Cultural Exposure Assessment in hopes that the research can later be expanded upon.

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