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Communication Beyond Boundaries
 Author: Payal Mehra  Category: Communication  Published: 15 Jul, 2014 Get it on Amazon

The way one communicates across ethnicities and cultures can vary, leading to miscommunication and misinterpretation. In a diverse setting, communication is far more complicated than the linear model of communication. Consequently, many employees may feel frustrated when their warm smiles are misinterpreted, their informal demeanor mistaken for sloppy work, and their heavy accents received as being too fuzzy a communication style. In business particularly, this friction can strain personal relationships, and reduce productivity. Executives thus need to become proficient cross cultural communicators to succeed in a global environment. They should be able to recognize and adapt to different cultures. What constitutes the principles of cross cultural communication, and how these principles can be developed and applied across most cultures and countries is the focus of this book. The book approaches communication in diverse environments as an exercise in understanding communication across physical, and psycho-social boundaries; hence its title.