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How to Use Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence to Mentor Doctoral Learners
 Author: Dr Walter McCollum  Category: Cultural Intelligence, Religion & Spirituality  Published: 11 Jul, 2014 Get it on Amazon

The focus of this book is to show how Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) are critical factors used to help both mentors and doctoral learners successfully get through the dissertation process together. I will also provide 16 best practices that I have used to effectively mentor doctoral learners over the past decade. As a result of instituting these practices, I’ve been able to increase my doctoral learner graduation rate by 50% each year. Additionally, I will share proven tools and tips from doctors and doctoral candidates who have been successful in the dissertation process. Both mentors of doctoral learners and mentees will benefit from this book.