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Making Sense of Culture
 Author: Norhayati Zakaria  Category: Cross Cultural, Human Resource, Management  Published: 30 Sep, 2021 Get it on Amazon

This book lies within two interdisciplinary fields that should be bridged: cross-cultural management and international human resource management. The consequences of globalization lead to a more extensive recruitment process of global talents to fit the different work structures and competitive work environment of tomorrow. The emergence of self-initiated expatriates (SIEs) further intensify the challenges faced by multinational organizations because people are searching for better career prospects and they are willing to re-locate in order to obtain competitive salary or compensation packages. With the emergence of SIEs, multinational corporations need to acknowledge the influence of culture on management practices because the expatriates will bring their own cultural baggage and uniqueness to the company’s doorsteps. By integrating both fields, this book provides a valuable understanding in order to educate SIEs on the richness of cultural behaviors.