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The Culture Key: Successful Investing and Entrepreneurship in Frontier and Emerging Markets

 Author: Curt G. Laird  Category: Management, Marketing & Sales  Published: 29 Jul, 2018  Get it on Amazon

Unlock the key to building successful businesses in challenging international markets.

Why do so many investors fail in frontier and emerging markets? How can entrepreneurs increase their odds of success in developing economies?

In The Culture Key, Curt Laird explores the idea that entrepreneurs and investors in these markets struggle not because they lack business acumen, but because they do not develop intercultural intelligence.

Laird is a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked in over 30 countries and built successful businesses in Afghanistan – including a billion dollar mobile phone company. In this book, he unpacks the underlying cultural principles that govern business in these geographies and offers a roadmap forward.

The book introduces the Belief Tool – a lens to identify, interpret, and respond to the cultures in new markets. If you can decode the dominant worldviews, cultural dimensions, and mindsets that shape people’s behavior, you can navigate cultural minefields with confidence – whether you’re determining where to invest, negotiating a critical deal, or building a high-performance team.

Laird also digs deep into common cross-cultural challenges, providing frameworks that Western business leaders can use to inform the way they deal with customers, employees, clients, and other stakeholders in frontier markets.

Combining on-the-ground stories with actionable insights, The Culture Key is a must-read for anyone who wants to find, build, and manage thriving businesses around the world.

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